Thanks to Eva Nagao, you can now download, print and distribute the following zine to educate your community about why #AlvarezMustGo.

Read the zine below:

Share it with others: tinyurl.com/byeanita

Print your own copies of the zine and share far and wide.

The link below is a pdf of the #ByeAnita zine that is specifically formatted for DOUBLESIDED printing, meaning you need only 1 sheet of 8.5″x11″ paper per zine. You just have to cut it in half and then staple in the middle, and it will be in booklet format:

Click to download PDF of #ByeAnita Zine

If you can’t print the zine doublesided, you can download the two pages below to assemble a zine.

PDF copy of First Sheet

first sheet

PDF copy of Second Sheet

second sheet

Share the printed zines at the supermarket, library, cafe, neighbor’s mailboxes, school, place of work and worship and more.